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Indian Spices

Mahavir Industries is one of the best Indian spices manufacturers in Jammu. We aim to provide our customers with a top-quality product at an affordable price. Our company has an amazing range of products at an affordable price. We are well-known throughout the country because of our amazing services and products. We focus on understanding the demands of our customers and supply products according to their needs.

Our spices are made in our company under hygienic conditions and the supervision of our expert. Processing of spices includes cooling to prevent the escape of volatile oils from the spices. We manufacture our spices following the

1121 Basmati Rice

Our 1121 basmati rice is identified across the country for the enticing aroma, appetizing flavour and long grains. Mahavir Industries is one of the best 1121 basmati rice supplier in Jammu providing Basmati rice with unmatchable quality and long grains. We have varieties of basmati rice to choose from. These meet different provisions and needs of the customer. We manufacture all our rice under the special conditions of meeting the consent of consumer health protection like no breakage and hygiene condition of rice gains.

Before we pack our products, we being one of the dominating 1121 basmati rice wholesale suppliers in Jammu, make sure that each

Edible Flour

Mahavir Industries is the best edible flour supplier in Jammu. With years of experience and knowledge, we have successfully gained this position in the market. Matching the requirements of our customers and clients, we are involved in offering our customers with top-class edible flour at an affordable price. We manufacture our products keeping in mind the needs of our clients and ensure that our products are clean and fresh and retain all the necessary flavour and nutrients. Using our flour, you will get soft, delicious and fluffy chapattis.

Our company manufactures products in bulk and store in warehouses that are well equipped to keep our